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Live 105 presents
Kevin Klein Live 1-Year Birthday Party:
Featuring Houndmouth
Sunday, September 13
doors @ 4pm;
show @ 5pm.
indie rock.
all ages.
Performing Live:

The Velvet Teen

With DJ:

Aaron Axelsen
Great art is often said to be a product of one's surroundings. You might create something with the intent of being independent from a homespun environment however, some part of your identity, and the origins of that identity, will come out. That largely sums up the music -- and the somewhat sudden popularity -- of Houndmouth. Houndmouth started out as four friends from Indianana with little ambition besides writing meaningful songs for, to and about each other and their friends. Once the blogosphere caught wind of their song Penitentiary, and their particular type of "earthy, melancholy garage-rock with an evil streak", things blossomed into sharing stages with Alabama Shakes and Drive By Truckers at festivals like Lolapalooza and Bonarroo. Either in cramped clubs or big theaters, Houndmouth has earned a reputation as a must see act whose hooks, energy and charisma make you feel like a lifelong friend you have just met.