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Turbo Drive
Who Ha
Friday, August 21
9pm - after hours.
retrowave. electro. electroclash.
Performing Live:

Who Ha
Beautiful Machines
Vector Hold

With DJs:


Lounge: Electrosexual

Adriana A (Bootie)
Mr. Smith
Who Ha: The mastermind behild the Retro Promenade label, his music is gleeful, irreverent, and yet somehow full of substance as it absolutely glories in the excess and opulence of the 80s.

Beautiful Machines: These SF Locals make Lush and Soulful Indie electronic dance music with a perfect blend of moden sensibilities, and plenty of retro synth textures.

Vector Hold: Celebrating the release of his second album, he creates perfect soundtracks for surviving a cyberpunk dystopia.

Turbo Drive is a night of new music that pays tribute to the retro-futuristic synth sounds of the 80s. Think Blade Runner meets Miami Vice. Did you like the soundtrack to the movie Drive? We can't get enough of that. Fast Cars, neon lights, and sometimes, Robocop.

In the Lounge it's Electrosexual! Remember a time in the not-so-distant future-past, when the beats were dark and dirty and robots sang about sex and drugs? DJs Adrian (Bootie Mashup) and Mr. Smith bring back the short-lived early-2000s sound of electroclash, while updating it with a few sexy nu-electro-house covers.