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Thursday, August 20
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 9pm.
chiptunes. video game music.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$12 day of show.
Main Room:

Trash80 (Chiptune)
Moldover (The Godfather of Controllerism, Experimental)
Diesel Dudes (Electropunk / Musclewave)
DJ Nickie (Disorder SF)
Monobomb Records and 8bitSF present the third installment of Monobomb, a monthly event featuring live performances by local and touring artists in electronic music genres spanning from Chiptune to Synthpop, and Experimental to Minimal. This installment features a headlining performance by San Diego's Trash80 -- an act that is almost universally known in the Chiptune scene for their emotional, engaging and danceable compositions. Moldover, hailed by many as The Godfather of Controllerism, is a charismatic one-man act and inventor, constantly cranking out new music and new gear which he uses to compose and perform a wide range of experimental electronic music. Sometimes singing, and almost always wielding a guitar covered in custom electronics, Moldover is an experience you'll never forget. Diesel Dudes, describing themselves as Electropunk and Musclewave, deliver a stripped down and aggressive drums/vocals/synthesizer three hit combo with an over the top stage presence that invites you to get pumped and sweat with them as they wreak havoc. Disorder SF's DJ Nickie will be providing music before and between acts, with an emphasis on the synthy and experimental.