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Turbo Drive
Pixel Memory + FM-84
Friday, May 15
9pm - after hours.
retrowave. electro.
Performing Live:

Pixel Memory

With DJs:

Meikee Magnetic
Pixel Memory formed in San Francisco in the summer of 2011 united by a shared love of electronic music and futurism. Infatuated with the underground after-hours club scene of the city, the band became excited by the possibility of reconfiguring the ecstatic thrills and dark atmosphere championed by local house and techno DJs of the early morning hours into a live performance presentation consisting of vocals, drums, beats, synths, and other electronic instrumentation.

Imagine driving through a neon soaked Los Angeles at 3am. Imagine the warmth of golden hour along Venice Beach. FM-84 is the soundtrack to an 80s summer in California. Sun soaked melodies and neon rhythms all wrapped up in layers of cinematic nostalgia.

Turbo Drive is a night of new music that pays tribute to the retro-futuristic synth sounds of the 80s.

Think Blade Runner meets Miami Vice. Did you like the soundtrack to the movie Drive? We can't get enough of that. Fast Cars, neon lights, and sometimes, Robocop.

Featuring artists like: Kavinsky, Cut Copy, Barretso, Lazerhawk, Com Truise, Neon Indian, Chromatics, College, Anoraak, Electric Youth, Miami Nights 1984, 80's Stallone, Tesla Boy, DVAS, Futurecop!, The Outrunners, FM Attack, Flashworx, Mitch Murder, Noir Deco, Garth Knight, Power Glove, Protector 101 and much more!