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DNA Lounge presents
Tuesday, April 28
9pm - 2am.
future bass. house.
$10 advance;
$15 day of show.
Main Room:

Tyler Prism
Spoken Bird
Josh Lehr
Filibusta, straight outta Fillmore, Illinois, is a DJ and producer of some fine and funky beats that make the perfect soundtrack to your next raucous party. With both originals, and remixes (somehow Filibusta made Crazytown's "Butterfly" listenable), these all-American bros in baseball hats are making some sweet tunes for electronic music lovers to go crazy to, and to drink to, and to party to -- you basically can do anything while listening to Filibusta as long as it's fun. Using fantastic beat drops, old school funk sounds, and all the modern amenities that glitch and EDM in general have to offer, Filibusta (also known as Troy Probst) is a one of a kind, highly creative electronic artist. And he brings a live band to boost his power on stage, which guarantees a certain level of dancing from the audience (seriously, wear those dancing shoes). Trumpet, guitar, keyboards, and more help Filibusta bring his imaginative glitch funk to life over a swath of programmed tunes -- sweat and smiles are everywhere, both on stage and in the crowd. It's hard to imagine that an artist named after an anger-inducing congressional process can be so enjoyable to both watch and hear. This type of Filibusta promises a packed stage of musicians that want to make their set an experience to remember, as opposed to old windbags who want to talk a bill to death. It's hard not to be happy when you're gifted a finely-crafted mix of party-ready EDM and funk tunes.