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So Stoked
for Earth Day
Friday, April 17
7pm - 3am.
hardcore. trance. techno. progressive house. hardstyle. drum+bass. chill wave. psytrance.
all ages.
$15, $20, $25 limited advance, main room only;
$30 advance after, main room only;
$40 advance, main room and after party.
Main Room:

Gabriel & Dresden
Dougal & Gammer
Angel & Rohan
Trippy Beatz

Lounge: Hosted by Outside The Drop

The party in the main room goes until 3AM, and then we move upstairs for the after party in Above DNA, from 2AM to 7AM!

There was a time when dance music was 145bpm, DJs played vinyl, Live 105 played "Save the Rave" and F-8 records had a line of Kandi Kids down the block trying to get map point tickets. After a long voyage in deep space, Frequency 8 is once again landing in San Francisco. With the So Stoked vibe, Frequency 8 feel, and alien CrushWorx technology brought back to earth, the adventure is sure to be unforgettable.