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DNA Lounge & FTB present
Sunday, March 29
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
$16.50 advance;
$20 day of show.
Performing Live:

King Parrot

With DJ:

Rob Metal
Like a big puff a smoke from an unknown person in a crowd, Weedeater is a swirling, evolving mystery. Well -- they're at least a unique take on stoner metal with tunes that are ready to bathe your eardrums in doomy heavy rock. Simple, groovy, sludgy, and dark, the band formed in 1998 in, of all places, Wilmington, North Carolina. Their southern roots show in their attitude, their stint on Southern Lord Records, and their album titles (example: the well-named nod to Metallica, "And Justice For Y'all"). And the fact that their singer shot himself in the foot once while cleaning his gun. Slow, rumbling riffs emerge from the trio's amps. It's a lot of noise for just three dudes. Bearded singer and bassist Dixie Dave Collins menaces the stage with a rebellious snarl and a bottle of Jack, and a shout of "Hey Motherfuckers!" His performance style actually strikes quite a resemblance to George Clooney's bearded singer in "O Brother Where Art Thou?, " except far, far more dangerous. His voice is somewhere between a growl and a demonic howl, and the bass lines are the backbone of the band's doomy roar. His partners dominate the stage as well, with the drum kit almost touching the crowd and guitarist Shep throwing down a sludgy layer of guitar. It's a mix of anger and humor that runs this band, they're aggressive, but always entertaining, and interacting with the crowd -- it's that Southern style. Get ready to headbang, and to join a pit filled with stoner metalheads who go crazy for grooves.