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DNA Lounge & FTB present
Pig Destroyer
Sunday, March 22
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
$18 advance;
$22 day of show.
Performing Live:

Pig Destroyer
Despise You
Agenda of Swine
Nothing quite says awesome, loud, and grindcore like an instantly recognizable violent name with a dash of politics. That's Pig Destroyer for you, always baiting controversy with catchy yet mildly disturbing wordplay --including song titles like "Piss Angel" and "Gravedancer." Pig Destroyer has been cruising along the hard rock highway since 1997, releasing only five studio albums and a handful of EPs along the way. But this band is allowed to take all the time they want to perfect the art. Grindcore wasn't always the well accepted metal subgenre that it is today, but we can thank Pig Destroyer for the years of work they've put into making it a respectable choice for anyone who wants to listen to brutal and loud music -- or to get mental in a moshpit. The live show traverses many subgenres and is magical madness bordering on insanity -- singer and founding member J.R. ain't afraid to get up in the face of the front row, screaming his brains out while his partner in crime and other founding member guitarist Scott Hull (of the now defunct but always remembered Anal Cunt) lays down the driving force (aka perfect guitar wizardry) of Pig Destroyer. Somehow, Pig Destroyer breaks the speed barrier, playing faster than eyeballs can believe. Even the kids in the circle pit seem to be moving on some other level. These guys are animals -- especially the bass and drum cousin duo of Adam and John Jarvis. Despite being more recent additions (PD didn't even use bass until a few years ago) to an already well-established band, they seem to be at the very heart of the Pig Destroyer live show. Technicality, aggression, and veteran status make Pig Destroyer a must see live band.