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The Road Lords & Scotty Chops Customs present
Scarlett Fever
Sunday, March 8
1pm - 9pm.
psychobilly. rockabilly. punk. rock.
all ages.
A Benefit for Scarlett's special needs and Rett Syndrome awareness

Performing live:

Cadillac Tramps
Bay City Shakers
The Memphis Murder Men
Gamblers Mark
The Gillbillies
Lucky Boys

Hosted by:

Rich Aguilar & Asia Devinyl

World class art show hosted by:

Josh "Rudeboy" Medeiros
The Cadillac Tramps are a little slice of Southern California punk history, straight from the Kids of the Black Hole era. Heavy riffs, tongue in cheek lyrics, pop-punky vocals, dual guitars, and a legendary live show are sure to please punks of any age. With ties to all the greats, including Manic Hispanic and Social Distortion, these hardworking boys have covered a lot of ground in the last few decades. They've broken up, gotten back together, and continued to tour despite band tension, tragedy, and line up changes. One thing remains the same -- the Tramps aren't afraid to put on one hell of a show. Singer Mike Gaborno (of Manic Hispanic) dons dark sunglasses and rules the mic, indulging a little skanking here and there across the stage, while guitarist Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham (of US Bombs) looks forever young in his classic punk rock stance. The Cadillac Tramps are badass old punks who play blues-tinged rockabilly, and sweat it out every night on stage with the energy of teenagers. They've been working the road for so long (and it definitely shows in every performance), it's hard to believe they aren't as famous as many of their SoCal contemporaries. Get ready to shake your hips, pump your fists in the air, and drink in the energy of the Cadillac Tramps.