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The Dreaming
Thursday, March 5
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
rock. industrial.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing Live:

The Dreaming
Die So Fluid
Electronic, industrial sounds complement the heavy rock of The Dreaming. Dark, cinematic, and edgy, this five-piece from Los Angeles is here to make you dance while also thinking deep thoughts. You can definitely do both while drinking in The Dreaming. If they chose their name as an homage to Kate Bush's album, they did well -- just like that piece of art, The Dreaming is highly thought provoking yet immediately listenable and easy to fall in love with. After a few years on a break, industrial rock fans everywhere can now rejoice because The Dreaming is finally back with new songs and shows. Soaring vocals, punchy riffs, and pounding drums provide the bones for The Dreaming, while frontman Chris Hall extolls the goth-approved virtues of being set apart, isolation, and aloneness. Dreamy synths also take the band into another arena -- somewhere special between rock and goth and industrial, fans of all types will dig The Dreaming. Live, the band is a tight army of dark clad industrial enthusiasts who know exactly how to rev up the crowd. Perhaps this stems from their time in Stabbing Westward. Three out the five members came from the ashes of that band, which broke up in 2002, and one was the guitarist for Deadsy. Or maybe these five just gel on stage, making it easy to serve up frosty electro-goth rock. Either way, prepare yourself for bleak, heavy rock chock full of dreamy electro instrumentals and inward looking lyrics.