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I The Breather
Sunday, February 22
doors @ 6pm;
show @ 6:30pm.
metal. rock.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$15 day of show.
Performing live:

I The Breather
Come The Dawn
I The Breather are a metalcore five piece from Baltimore. Heavy guitar, drums, and bass prop up an earful of melody and even some electronic elements. These guys are unabashed about tight production, and aren't afraid to experiment, and cross a bunch of genre boundaries (djent, heavy metal, melodic hardcore) while doing so. It's aggressive, technical, and oh yeah, faithful. This is a band that lives for Jesus (and is on Sumerian Records, home to many a Christian band), after all. Their latest album, 2014's "Life Reaper" even charted on the Billboard 200, and made it to #6 on Billboard's Christian U.S. chart. Both clean and brutally growled vocals are now part of the I, The Breather repertoire, and with any metalcore act, you can expect killer breakdowns and plenty of blast beats coming to assault your ears. Somehow, the band laces a little catchiness throughout the aggressive material -- so there's something for everyone. After four records and more than five years perfecting their sound, I, The Breather knows how to work a crowd. A stint on warped tour probably helped whip the band into shape, much to the delight of heavy music enthusiasts. Singer and founding member Shawn Spann has only grown creatively, and the entire band is a tight ship, delivering raw, energetic renditions of already stellar metalcore tunes.