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He Who Cannot Be Named
Thursday, February 19
doors @ 8:30pm;
show @ 9pm.
all ages.
Performing Live:

He Who Cannot Be Named (legendary guitarist from the Dwarves)
Get Dead
The Atom Age

Guest DJ:

Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves)
Fans of the Dwarves already know what legendary guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named is all about. This San Francisco madman has been fueling the insanity of the Dwarves for decades. From his ballsy stage attire (or uh...lack of. You do know he just wears a mask mostly?) to his death hoax (the band officially claimed he was stabbed to death and then returned from hell) that caused Sub Pop to unceremoniously drop the Dwarves in 1993, He Who Cannot Be Named is pure punk rock attitude and shenanigans. After years of being the naked guy in the Dwarves, He Who Cannot Be Named released a solo album, "Sunday School Massacre," in 2010. The guitarist and his band (consisting of Keith Mueller and Mark Adams) bring massive amounts of energy, and of course, his signature creepy-coolness, to the stage. Shocking is what He Who Cannot be Named aims for, and when your front man dons nothing but a mask and maybe some cool studded leather armbands, you don't miss the mark. And they don't disappoint musically either: fast, loud, old school punk with a catchy flare. A perfect soundtrack for a circle pit or if you want to wear ass-less chaps in public. He Who Cannot Be Named's history stretches back to the punk rock golden age, or at least to a long time ago: the 80s. And he's been doin' his thing ever since.