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Felix Martin
Friday, February 6
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
metal. experimental.
all ages.
Performing live:

Felix Martin
You've never seen anything like Felix Martin, a three piece band led and named for their guitarist, who wields an unusual axe with two heads. This experimental metal-jazz guitarist and his trusty band create some ear bending tunes. His guitar features two necks, fused together to allow Martin to go to town on the, count them: 14, strings. For connoisseurs of metal as well as musical nerds everywhere, Felix Martin will be a total pleasure to watch and hear. Martin has developed his own techniques, which classical trained musicians will recognize as an entirely new musical concept, and people who just like to see a good band will recognize as totally sweet. There's just something crazy about seeing (and hearing) that huge guitar neck at work. Blast beats and frenzied over the top solos (that's what 14 strings make possible), make Felix Martin's sound complete. Technically precise, experimentally unique, and not bad to look at, the group crafts jazz influenced metal concoctions -- so much sound for a trio of dudes. It's magic to see both of Martin's hands at work on his guitar, creating rhythms and shredding at the same time. Whether you're deep into prog, classical guitar, jazz, or plain old metal, you'd be crazy to miss Felix Martin live.