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So Stoked
Frequency 8
Friday, January 23
7pm - after hours.
cybertrance. hardcore. trance. drum+bass. hardstyle. gabber.
all ages.
$12 limited advance;
$17 after;
$20 day of show.
Main Room:

Lucky Date
Matt Haze
Rafer Rawb
Finger Xpressions

Lounge: Hard as fuck room, hosted by Empire

Tranz Am -vs- That Sober Kid Feenix
A.N.T. -vs- DJ Carrotkore -vs- Rule 62
There was a time when dance music was 145bpm, DJs played vinyl, Live 105 played "Save the Rave" and F-8 records had a line of Kandi Kids down the block trying to get map point tickets. After a long voyage in deep space, Frequency 8 is once again landing in San Francisco. With the So Stoked vibe, Frequency 8 feel, and alien CrushWorx technology brought back to earth, the adventure is sure to be unforgettable.