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8bitSF presents
The Brotherhood of Ellipsis
Thursday, January 8
8pm - 2am.
chiptunes. video game music.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$13 day of show.
Performing Live:

The Brotherhood of Ellipsis (SAC)
Cartoon Violence (OAK)

With DJs:

Coco (SJ)
Mr. Smith (SJ)
The Brotherhood of Ellipsis: This Sacramento band has created an entirely different genre, described as a unique mixture of quick, coordinated riffs, with catchy and upbeat leads, accented to its core by an articulate emotionality that keeps their fans' hearts pounding until the very last note. They like to call it "video game metal," but we like to call it high-powered, kinda nerdy fun music to sweat out your sorrows to. Bass, guitar, synth, and pounding drums form the backbone of the Brotherhood, but the spirit of gaming fleshes it all out. They tread in that wonderful territory between goofball and seriousness, with song titles like "Crystal Myth" and "Tower Struggle," each an ode to both gaming and life beyond the controller. The band's members combine their energies to make tunes that can be appreciated by gamers and music nerds alike; despite their self-created sub-genre, the band's electro-tinged music is not something a metal head would instantly embrace (which is good if you're not a metal head!), but it is pretty damn catchy for everyone else. Obviously, a band of this caliber is nothing without their own graphic and character design team -- and The Brotherhood of Ellipsis has a great one. The band's imagery is cartoony and sweet, instantly creating a feeling of warmth and nostalgia for anyone who loves games.

Cartoon Violence is beyond genre or classification, though if you had to create one, you could safely call the Oakland band fuzzy-nerd rock. Piano, dual vocalists Doctor Octave and Professor Robot, and an appreciation for the music of Mario make the band a catchy indie dream with a nerd rock soul. Yes, self-aware gamers and embracers of ironic subcultures will dig the idea of Cartoon Violence, but music enthusiasts can also get into the tunes -- which are well crafted and use not only iconic video game sounds, but also cool vocal tricks, deep lyrical prowess, fun synth beats, and a lot of robot imagery. These guys speak the language of robot pretty well and warn of the future robot uprising, along with a musical retelling some essential Star Wars lore, and complex friendships. The core duo dresses up like a mad scientist and lizard creature while manning the synth and bass while regular human beings toil on drums and guitar. This is probably a great time to mention that if you dress up as a robot, you can get into this show for $5. You'll dance, you'll smile, you might even get to do the robot with a robot.

DJ Coco loves playing Japanese Anime theme songs...listen to her sounds and get on the dance floor with her frenetic mix of Japanese shibuya-kei pop, disco and soul, 80's pop, French pop, and Brazilian.

Mr. Smith is a DJ hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, who plays all the chiptunes, industrial, and EDM a gamer could ask for. Mr. Smith started as a concert promoter by organizing Industrial/EBM/Powernoise shows in the Bay Area, and has co-produced a ton of events. These shows included acts such as 16volt, Hex Rx, Chemlab, Babyland, Accessory, Alter der Ruine, Nachtmahr, and Dismantled. Mr. Smith is a resident at 8bitSF, Club Apparition, and has also held residencies at Club Surgery in Menlo Park, and Anthem! in Sacramento.