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Smoke Season
Thursday, December 11
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
indie rock.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing live:

Smoke Season
Curious Quail
The Mineral Kingdom
It's hard to imagine how a pair of kids from Hollywood could dub themselves "dustbowl soul," but Smoke Season has managed to do just that. Haunting, faded, sounds move in and out behind a rich lead vocal that evokes a dusty desert road at sunset. Catchy beats and atmospheric instrumentals are a beautiful complement to Gabrielle Wortman's airy voice, which she delivers to your ears with passion. You can instantly tell the Wortman has classical training, but eschews it in order to build priceless art in the form of Smoke Season tunes -- all of which are well-written to immediately grab attention. Both Wortman and her musical partner Jason Rosen have full, soulful voices -- and they mesh together so well as they take turns contributing singing as well as vocal sounds. The two musicians met while she was singing for TEMP3ST and working on solo material, but her voice has seemed to be unleashed with the help of Rosen's lush details. The band runs the gamut of genres -- from a Silverlake take on Americana, to subtle electro pop, and a pinch of dreamy indie that holds it all together. The layers come together to form something better than the sum of its parts. Live, Smoke Season expands to a four piece to create spooky textures of electronic beats, waves of ethereal noise, and acoustic and electric guitar riffs. This is a band that will hook you instantly.