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Author & Punisher
Thursday, December 4
doors @ 9pm;
show @ 9:30pm.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing Live:

Author & Punisher
Altar De Fey
Author & Punisher is a dark drone of industrial beats, moody vocals, and an overall feeling of doom. Created by auteur and one man show Tristan Shone, A&P is nearly unrecognizable in any one category. Industrial, trap, EDM, and regular ol' engineering fuels Author & Punisher; Shone puts his engineering background to good use as he Frankensteins up musical machines of his own design to create the unique, doomed sounds of A&P. Think a heavier, smarter, and angrier, version of the glory days of Nine Inch Nails but in a bizarro universe where Trent Reznor bows at the Author & Punisher throne. Live, Shone takes the stage with his troupe of machinery. Standing surrounded by a rig of his own making, with a laptop, tweaked machines, and unrecognizable things that help make A&P come to life, Shone wails into a handmade mic and fiddles with his creations. It's an experiment in both pushing the limits of industrial music and in fiddling with speakers and instruments to get the perfect sound -- even if it's a sound that not everyone will understand at first listen. But once it clicks, noise enthusiasts, metal heads, and the industrial old guard alike will fall in love with the disturbed, brutal sounds of Author & Punisher.