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Turbo Drive
Friday, November 28
9:30pm - 2am.
retrowave. electro.
Performing Live:


With DJs:

Mr. Smith

Dazzle Room:

Idol Patterns
San Francisco's Marrow is a slice of the Bay's diverse electronic music scene. The boy-girl vocals lay atop a bed of industrial electronic beats, gothic sounds, and a tangible sense of darkness. Catchy darkness, but darkness all the same. The eight songs on the band's "Sunshine Enema" lend themselves to sing-alongs. Singers Erin and Jeremy Fortes' vocals are perfect, and their presentation attention grabbing and wry, perhaps due to classical training of the band members or their time in the performance art world. The trio mixes a little self-loathing with a pinch of righteous anger and a touch of depression -- but they aren't a struggle to listen to, in fact these songs are the opposite. The band even created parody of a self-help video touting the benefits of sadness, so that people "uncover and embrace their personal misery on their own terms." It's a pretty big idea for a little band, but that's just how Marrow is -- expansive, encompassing more (or trying to) than their little corner of the universe. Live, the band mans the mics and a computer, and sings along to programmed beats while looking unperturbed and artfully futuristic. Vampire freaks, Thrill Kill Kult fans, gothy techies, and EDM kids alike will love moving their bodies to Marrow.