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Odd Salon
Tuesday, November 25

Daen de Leon (Feline Familiars, Extra Nipples & the Witchfinder General's Search for Sorcery)
Rebecca Joseph (True Love, Glory & Windmills: The Obsessions of a Knight Errant)
Beth Abdallah (Maria: The Object of his Eternal Affection)
Tysa Rauch (A Passion to Build: The Beautiful Obsession of Ferdinand Cheval)
Rachel James (Infatuation with Flora: Making Nature Your Bitch)
Sean Sanford (Best Served Cold: The True Story Behind The Count of Monte Cristo)
Tales of passion and addiction, and the fine line between preoccupation and mania.

Join us for stories exploring extraordinary drive of obsession, from quixotic pursuits to genius overflowing, from hoarding and building to the pleasures and perils of the complete domination of ones thought by one thing, one person, one passion above all else.