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DNA Lounge & FTB present
Sunday, November 23
doors @ 6:30pm;
show 7pm.
thrash. metal.
all ages.
$16 advance;
$18 day of show.
Performing Live:

Billions Upon Us
Chaos is indeed king when you listen to Onslaught, the UK thrash legends that have been doin' thrash metal right since 1983. Onslaught is an all out metal assault -- uncompromising despite years of hiatus and their elder statesmen of thrash status. Huge, ear-pounding bass lines, thrashy guitar riffs, powerful drums, and, of course, Sy Keeler's hateful, angry vocals on songs about hell, insanity, damnation, destruction, spitting blood in the face of God, and all that good stuff. Fans of Slayer and Havok will recognize some common ancestor in Onslaught, and enjoy every minute of Onslaught. During their initial run Onslaught lasted from 1983 to 1991, releasing three albums before being dropped from their label during a lineup change. The classic thrash sound, however, could never be silenced as fans clung to the band despite their dissolving. The band reformed in 2005 and is now a six piece, and every member is vital to making the Onslaught sound come alive. Many modern metal bands owe a huge debt to Onslaught, and luckily the band has played a ton of shows over the past decade -- right in time for that debt to be repaid by younger thrash metal fans and imitators. Headbang and hold the devil horns high as Onslaught takes the stage - Keeler doing his best to recall an angry spirit while the guitars both languish away and speed up while powerful metal rhythms pound ominously.