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Odd Salon
Tuesday, November 11
Veterans Day

Frederic Lightning Leist (Serendipity: How a Misapprehension Lost Half Its Meaning)
Andrey Tselikov (The Three Princes of Serendip: The Strayed Tale and the Clever Deductions)
Isolde Honore (Zemblanity: The History of a Calamitous Antonym)
Michael Solazzo (The Nag Hammadi Library: Thank God for Blood Feuds)
AJ Anderson (Lost, Lucky & Dark Places: An Archeological Coincidence)
Ben Davis (Origin Story)
Tales of happy coincidence, fateful encounters; harmonious happenstance and the miracles of chance.

Join us on an uncharted journey driven by the whims and amusements of fate, exploring chance encounters with profound ramifications, scientific discoveries stumbled across by chance, unlikely coincidences that changed the world, and stories with surprise endings that only serendipity could provide.