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Death Guild presents
Velvet Acid Christ
Sunday, November 2
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 9pm.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$15 day of show.
Performing Live:

Velvet Acid Christ
The Siren Project
The Vile Augury

With DJs:

Joe Radio
Creepy synths, cannibal themed intros, and pounding beats mark the music of Velvet Acid Christ, a gothy industrial extravaganza from Denver, CO. Formed way back in 1990, the band is the brain child of songwriter and producer Bryan Erickson, who views the project as something akin to a conceptual art project. As their name would imply, Velvet Acid Christ runs the gamut musically - from catchy EDM rhythms that are a treat for the ears as well as the feet, to the hard to listen to themes of violence and hate. It's pretty unsettling stuff coming from the idyllic home of John Denver. Hey, there's a little love thrown in the mix, too, for good measure, and a healthy dose of singing and raspy screaming as a face-painted Erickson parades around the stage between live musicians, both hands gripping the mic. The band isn't for the weak of heart -- picture visiting a souped-up haunted house while tripping (and not a good trip) on acid. Programmed samples feature evil laughter, the aforementioned cannibal incantations, and Halloween appropriate sound effects. Live drums and guitar add a hard rock sound, while the synths play darkly over industrial, slightly-experimental dance beats. Velvet Acid Christ has been touring and putting out music for the 24 years, and all that work has helped them grow quite a fan base overseas -- especially in Germany, where dark industrial music always seems to find a loving home. Expect a rowdy crowd, ready to dance and drink in the pain and pleasure of Velvet Acid Christ.