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Odd Salon
Tuesday, October 28

David Lang (OpenROV - Underwater Robot-Powered Adventure)
Karen Marcelo (DorkbotSF - Shenanigans with Rotating Machinery and People Doing Strange Things With Electricity)
Ezra Spier (Other Machine - Respect the machine: It Does Not Have a Brain... So Use Yours)
Annetta Black (Silver Swans, Pooping Ducks & the Golden Era of Automata)
John Adams (The Analytical Engine: The Greatest Machine That Never Was)
Arthur Kay (Mad Science, Storm Prediction, Leeches & the Importance of Saying "Behold" Exactly Once)
Join us for an evening exploring mechanical masterpieces past, present, and future - from calculators to underwater explorers, unusual inspiration to the tools of the trade. Marvel at the ingenuity of Archimedes and Heron, Verne, da Vinci and Babbage and look with us for their modern inheritors in the art and science of machines.

A proud part of the Bay Area Science Festival.