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DNA Lounge and FTB present
Wednesday, October 22
doors @ 6:30pm;
show @ 7:30pm.
all ages.
$18 advance;
$22 day of show.
Performing live:

Jungle Rot
Internal Bleeding

With DJ:

Rob Metal

We're sorry to report that Katklysm won't be performing tonight: their guitarist had to fly home to be present for the birth of his child!
Evil, darkness, and most importantly, the metal-est font imaginable, make Suffocation instantly intriguing to any metal head. But a double bass drum, epic riffs, and a more than two decade history of melting faces with their signature, genre-influencing death metal clinches the deal for Suffocation: they are a metal head's metal band. Suffocation can be praised not only for their music, but for the influence they've wielded that helped shape metal as we know it across several subgenres. Formed in 1990 by Terrence Hobbs and Frank Mullen, the band has been marching to their own complex beats ever since -- despite lineup changes and a hiatus. Mullen's vocals, aggressive, guttural, and a huge influence on many unclean vocalists throughout the years, are supported by terrifyingly brutal grindcore-esque instrumentals with a technical edge. This band does not do subtle. They are extreme metal, and live up to that reputation the moment they step on stage. Suffocation is a band of virtuosos, well-practiced from years of touring and living the metal dream. Blast beat after blast beat comes from drummer Dave Culross, and tuned down grinding grooves assault your ears at every moment -- yet the band makes it look easy. Frank, an animal of a vocalist, uses his death growl to a splendid effect: making every member of the audience raise their fists, bang their heads, and welcome to the dark god of metal into their hearts.