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Death Guild and Squarewav present
Blush Response
Monday, October 6
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
all ages.
$8 Gen. Adm.;
$13 Show + Death Guild;
$10 door.
Performing Live:

Blush Response
Cervello Elettronico

With DJs:

Joey Blush brings his soul to the stage when he performs as Blush Response. For a band named after a sweet pink reflex that often happens when your crush talks to you, there's precious little cuteness involved in the actual music of Blush Response -- it's dark, sparse, and all over the spectrum of the electronics genres. Joey is the sole member, and has dubbed himself the sound designer behind the New York band. It's true, these sounds have been painstakingly and methodically crafted, similar to a painter piling on strokes until his masterpiece is complete . Joey stoops over his electronics rig and synth, adjusting, tweaking, and squeezing music out of the machine -- while sometimes clutching a handheld mic in order to let his voice reach the audience. Blush response is characterized by cascading beats, dark rhythms, and of course enough melodrama and electronics to please the goths and EDM enthusiasts alike. Industrial, noisey beats crash in a simple rhythm, while lighter, more agile electronics play on top -- the bed of sounds is the perfect landing spot for the times that Joey lends his quietly intense vocals to the music. Man and machine become one, as the crowd finds their own unique pace and begins to sway, nodding their heads with eyes closed. The music is dark, but not hard to listen to -- catchy and glitch-heavy, with enough odd breakdowns to be danceable, and more than enough mechanical darkness to encourage brooding.