Friday, August 1
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
indie rock.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing live:

El Elle
Dot Punto
The Y Axes

Hosted by:

Radio Valencia
Part songstress, part provocateur, and 100% cool, El Elle makes a mesmerizing brand of electronic pop for dancing and dreaming alike. To say El Elle dabbles in a bit of everything is an understatement, she combines performance art with video and dance, as well as poetic lyrical prowess (including some lovely explicit wordplay about the astral plane, and the possibility of getting it on on said astral plane). But above all, El Elle is a voice -- and a beautiful one at that, with a delightful range from 80's pop diva to dreamy, ethereal being gifting the listener with light. The artist, also known as frontwoman Lisa Light of Oakland's reunited electropop band The Lovemakers, creates conscious tracks and a geometrical, 60's mod visual wonderland. El Elle does her own thing on stage, with plenty of dayglo and guitar riffs that will make even the staunchest music snob fall under her spell, of course having a cache of well written . Whether it's a banging dance track with true pop catchiness or a sleepy psychedelic slow jam, El Elle is incredibly unique. El Elle is an art-fueled composer, with the vocal chops to back up her every whim -- whether it's a chant, spoken word, or a Madonna cover. The idea of a new age dance party is pretty appealing, and El Elle is ready to lead the way.

What do you get when you mix Rok en Espanol with indie band sensibilities and a San Francisco love of surf and girl groups? Dot Punto! The band is a four piece from Puntolandia (aka SF!) that makes sweet rock and roll songs with vintage sounds and powerful hooks. Dot Punto is a band can instantly capture an unsuspecting audience with their perfect rhythm section, catchy keyboard riffs, sweet backing vocals, strong fan interaction, and some spot on hair styling from singer Katya. The band has released two EPs, chock full of pop rock treasures in both English and Spanish, making them a cross-cultural indie pop offering. Katya not only has awesome style and an ear for lyrics, she also has a limber, classic singing voice that hits all the right sweet spots -- her technical singing prowess (and power!) cannot be denied. Fans of Natalia LaFourcade or Los Abandoned can easily get on board with the Puntos! Live, the foursome rock out with Katya manning keyboards, while the amazing drummer Mercedes Coyle adds another strong woman to the mix. Be ready to get sucked in to the world of Dot Punto!

Folk electronica is not something you hear every day, but then again, Ishi is a band that strives to break through the dullness of normal. The band had all but conquered their local scene in Dallas when a line up change shook them into going forth and trying something new on a national scale. Now, Ishi brings their crazy party straight to your ears, San Francisco (if ever a town was perfect fit for raucous Ishi, it's SF!). Soul, funk, disco, folk, pop and EDM come together to make Ishi a modern, fun dance band -- and something you need to see to believe. Singer JT Mudd plays hardball with the audience, donning elaborate fashions and some major facial hair while strutting his stuff and giving us tales of disco queens and mirror ball skies. Ishi is a break from the mundane, an act of aggression against the norm, and a seriously fun duo. Combining the best of many different genres, the band weaves together tales with not only music but visual art as well. Live, the band keeps up with their energetic front man, propping him up with dreamy synths, solid guitar and drumming as well as catchy programmed beats and ear pleasing effects. They immerse the audience in positivity, good vibes, and stimulation on all fronts -- musical stories and power synth to work the brain and visual eye candy like bright lights, rainbows, dancers, and costumes to hook you right in the heart -- in order to create an army of happy go lucky, dancing maniacs.

Listen to The Y Axes, your future self will thank you. The age of the internet has brought us some bad things (goatse, the rickroll) but has also brought us amazing things like the Y Axes. Dreamy synths play over precise rhythms and make a perfect place for vocals that are airy and emotional. The band is pop music from the future, and the future is now. This local four-piece is plotting their own, unique path, despite being named for an unmoving reference line on a boring ol' math chart. The Y Axes is as diverse as San Francisco itself: nerdy yet sexy, intelligent yet exciting, and ready for anything. Singer Lexi is a punk rock pixie in the midst of technical storm of hook-filled indie music, clutching her microphone while digging deep for songs about love and chaos...or, you know, science fiction. The kids pack quite an energetic punch, and it's hard to believe that such a pint sized lady could belt out such expansive songs. The Y Axes brings their dreamscape space pop to life on stage, and you get the feeling that they would work in any type of space: from a cosplay convention to a dingy basement club. Synths are everywhere, guitars shred, bass lines bounce perfectly, and drums crash, all creating layers of sonic playground for waiting ears.