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Go Deep
Wednesday, July 23
9pm - 2am.
deep house. future bass. techno.
$10 advance;
$15 day of show.
Main room:

With resident DJs:
Fritz Carlton
Sonny Daze


Devon Kroes
Danny Weird

Local fashion vendors pop-up shop! Photos by Holy Mountain and Parker Day.
Los Angeles' Lazerdisk, a DJ/production collab between Chad Bechard and Zack Johnson, is an upbeat EDM treat for people who want to forget their worries and let loose. College kids, house enthusiasts, music lovers, and just about anyone that needs a beat to dance will have their prayers answered via Lazerdisk. The duo patch together deep cuts of pop, disco, hip-hop, and funk with a sprinkle of almost every kind of beat under the sun. Excellent samples (like snippets of Rowdy Roddy Piper's famous "They Live" dialogue in a mix for Mishka NYC) are nestled between happy go lucky synths sounds, a whirlwind of beats, cleverly chosen vocals, and catchy effects. Chad and Zack moved to LA from Vermont -- perhaps because Vermont does not exactly scream hotbed of electronic dance music -- and changed their name from Lazerdisk Sex Party to regular ol' Lazerdisk, then found their EDM niche. The tunes live in a vibrant place somewhere between pop genius and artsy dream. Lazerdisk pays homage to the record stores of Los Angeles (institutions that serve as chapels to musicians, no matter what genre) with a series of mixtapes that can serve as the dance track to your all night party. Of course, these guys have collaborated with Diplo, so it shouldn't be any surprise that they create catchy, intelligent tracks with a little something extra: soul. Their new EP, Melange, comes out July 29, so audience members might be in for some all new tracks. Either way, let these boys slang the rhythm and funk -- you just make sure you have your dance moves ready to go.