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So Stoked
'Murica! Fuck Yeah!
Friday, July 4
7pm - after hours.
all ages.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 day of show.
Main room:

No Left Turn
Tranz Am
Rafer Rawb
DJ Carrotkore
Luna-C, all the way from the land that once oppressed us aka the reason for Independence Day, has left his mark on the world of hardcore electronica. Starting as a member of the Smart E's (whose hit "Sesame's Treet" caused hysteria in the club and in the headphones of ravers alike), Luna C helped bring dance music to the mainstream. Next, he took the initiative start his own label, Kniteforce, and pool the talent and resources of his friends in the dance music community -- with Luna C creating his own music and producing successful DJ tracks that you'd hear on the dancefloor. Luna C travels the world, playing supasets of EDM that touch on all the great dance music movements from old skool hardcore to neo-rave to breakcore to drum and bass to more experimental sounds. Luna C is unafraid to push the envelope, and the DJ likes to keep his music moving forward, which caused him to re-launch his Kniteforce label as Kniteforce Again for a rave revolution featuring some of his favorite artists. The label now features dozens of DJs and producers, as well as a worthy and diverse Kniteforce-related back catalog and live sets for sale. Luna C makes a room go absolutely nuts, and reminds us all of what made the rave movement such a fun, vital place to be back in the day. When DJ Luna C hits the stage, just try not to get down to his beat filled madness.

Hardcore rave fans have found a funky flag bearer with Rhythmics, who makes happy hardcore tracks to keep you dancing and feeling good. All the way from sunny Florida, Rhythmic s style has made him pretty popular in the UK, where hardcore dance first became popular and where vestiges of the rave scene still linger. Fast beats stacked with fancy effects and cherry-picked vocals are typical of Rhythmics' style, and his remixes are no exception. Originality is key when you need to set yourself apart you're your idols and the rest of the DJ producers out there, and Rhythmics certainly has mastered the art of finding something interesting to weave into his tunes. Whether you are at a secret rave, a huge club, or Electric Daisy Carnival, don't be surprised when EDM fans become strangely euphoric as Rythmics' unique sounds fill the dance floor.

No Left Turn's bio could simply state: "Local boy does good, creates party atmosphere." But San Francisco's No Left Turn does even more than get your party started. As a DJ, No Left Turn has been hooking fans left and right for at least a decade. Fast paced, fun, and innovative, No Left Turn's tracks are an amped up inspiration for any time of night (or those wee hours of the morning). No Left Turn is a dance oriented DJ -- he makes the tracks stacked with all the good stuff (excellent mixing, beats, vocal hooks, rad samples) so that you can enjoy them by flailing about, high on life, with a swirl of fun sounds enveloping you. But he doesn't stop at delivering super live sets of hardcore EDM, he went and made his own label, K12 Studios, to collab with other artists and spread the 170BPM love throughout the West Coast and beyond.

In a music scene that is pretty much dominated by tough guys, Anglerfish is like a breath of fresh air (if you're breathing the same air as all the players in the N64 version of Super Smash Brothers). She's not only a rad lady, she's also bringing back the fun. Instead of a dude in a tank top, you get a fistful of raver -- decked out in candy, and spinning amazing hardcore, breakcore-tinged tunes that are Luna-C approved. Bonus points for being from San Francisco where rave culture once thrived (before booms and busts) and is now ready for some revitalizing. DJ Anglerfish puts her unique twists on old hardcore, and remixes some classics and creates her own that are all mashed into hella fun and energetic freeform sets.