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Sunshine Blind
Sunday, June 29
doors @ 6:30pm;
show 7pm.
gothic. rock.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing live:

Sunshine Blind
Thrill of the Pull
The Guverment
If, deep down under your black petticoat, you long for some creative darkness, a band that mixes goth rock with a pinch of trip hop might be right up your alley. Sunshine Blind formed many moons ago back in the nostalgic 90s, before an ill-fated Sisters of Mercy run-in, day jobs, and debt put the band on hiatus. But now they're reformed and ready to rock you in the darkest way possible. This year, they played to a crowd of "net.goths" for the annual Convergence festival and it was official -- Sunshine Blind was back. Creepy, haunting instrumentals give way to fuzzy guitar and pounding drums -- but above all rises Caroline Blind, singer, guitarist, and songwriter who both whispers gently, in true goth style, and sings deeply. She can change from a sweet coo to an energetic yell with ease. Her voice evokes a lot of emotion, especially when layered atop a bed of goth friendly tunes. The band definitely draws comparison to many other 80s dark wavers, much to the delight of goths worldwide -- don't be surprised to see darkly clad, pale, platform wearing goths rocking out during Sunshine Blinde's set. Down-tempo, slightly whimsical, and above all, dark tunes are perfect way to soothe souls of the troubled or just goth-leaning.

British influenced rock blends perfectly with a neo goth style in Thrill of the Pull's dark, yet poppy San Francisco sound. Formed way back in 1984, the band definitely feels like a newly discovered relic from a better time. Thrill of the Pull, fronted by Scott Campbell, is comprised of members from SF bands of another era, The Defectors, Fade to Black, and New Dzine. The band sounds a little like the Chameleons meet the Killing Joke or Joy Division. It's dark, and slightly new wave punk, but with a catchy, psychedelic side that perhaps had an ever-so-short brush with mainstream during the 80s with their amazing song "Green to Red." Thrill of the Pull are definitely an obscure act that is being re-birthed for a live show, after doing who knows what (probably just enjoying the city) for all these years -- much to the delight of record collectors and old goths everywhere.

Hard rockers don't have to spell! All we care about is that they know how to perform, and the Guverment does. This four piece from SF has a little something for everyone. Classic rock pervades the sound, but it is supplemented with a smoky, punk rock vocal and a pop leaning rhythm section. The lead singer knows how to work the crowd, especially if that crowd responds to Irish accents. The Guverment set can vary frantically -- from hard rock songs to whiskey soaked ballads to 90's rock and then back again.