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Bootie Mashup
Madonna Mashup Night
Saturday, June 28
And Every Saturday
9pm - after hours.
$15 advance;
$10 < 10pm;
$20 after.
Main Room:

Smash-Up Derby (performing live at 11pm)
A Plus D
DJ Shyboy
DJ Jimi G

Midnight Madonna Show:

House of Glitter

Above DNA: Bootie Seattle

DJ Destrukt
DJ Freddy, King of Pants

Lounge: A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disco)

Becky Knox

Dazzle Room: Sex!

Keith Kraft
Sharon Buck

Free Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people!
Bootie Mashup presents its first-ever strictly Madonna Mashup Night ... and of course we're doing it on Pink Saturday of Pride weekend! The queen of pop gets a night dedicated just to her, as Bootie creators A Plus D and opening DJ Jimi G, are joined by Bootie LA's DJ Shyboy to pay tribute to both the current and classic versions of Madge. They'll be mixing in Madonna mashups throughout the night, mashed up with anybody and everybody -- no genre, era, or artist is safe!

At 11 PM, Smash-Up Derby takes to the main stage for a Madonnarific live mashup rock show, while for the Midnight Madonna Show, it's the Bootie debut of House of Glitter, a diverse troupe of drag performers who bring their mix of glamour, goth, and camp drag to the stage! Upstairs, Bootie Seattle comes to SF, as DJ Freddy, King of Pants and DJ Destrukt come down to take over the Loft. In the Lounge, DJ DCNSTRCT, the troublemaker behind Cockfight, brings A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disco) to medicate you with indie, electro, and disco house sounds, with special guest Becky Knox. And in the Dazzle Room, DJs Keith Kraft & Sharon Buck bring SEX!, filling it with that sexy electo-house we know you love!

Launched in 2003 by San Francisco DJ duo A Plus D, Bootie was the first club night dedicated solely to the then-burgeoning artform of the bootleg mashup -- and is now the biggest mashup event in the world, with regular parties in several cities on four continents. Voted "Best Club Night" for the past nine years, Bootie celebrates pop culture both past and present, keeping your brain guessing and body dancing with creative song combinations. Mixing and matching every musical genre, era, and style into one big dance party, it's a place where everyone is welcome. And with free mashup CDs given away like candy, Bootie provides the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.

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