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Date Nite
Friday, June 27
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing Live:

Date Nite
Pixel Memory
What Up Mang! (DJ set)

We are sorry to report that Mars Argo have cancelled.
San Francisco is home to many a dream pop band. It's also a hotbed for the electronic music scene. And straight-out-of-the-bay Pixel Memory brings you both. With luscious lady vocals, persistent beats and a spacey theme, Pixel Memory (aka drummer Joe Gray, singer Lisa Greyson, and production/keyboard/beatmaker Austin Fraser) might just be your new favorite band to dance to. Slightly dark love song which play up the 80s in the best way touch on everything from androids to the astral plane. It's like the band took the best parts of the minimalist electric-y Cure, and combined it with hella effects, Lisa's ethereal vocals, and put an updated face on the whole idea. The trio peddles its beat-filled bliss to darkwave fans and dancers alike, and has worked with producer Mark Pistel (of Hercules and Love Affair) on an EP. The band immerses the audience in a wave of industrial-tinged EDM, with precision drumming and live synths while Lisa puts the dance floor under her spell.