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8bitSF presents
Sunday, June 22
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
chiptunes. electro. experimental.
all ages.
$13 advance;
$16 day of show.
Performing live:

Una (Japan)
Crashfaster (SF)
DJ Grimecraft (SF)
Anamanaguchi is a band tailor-made for the generation of tumblr freaks and internet creeps that like to get funky IRL. Beautiful breakdowns, electronic madness, and a frantic energy of living for today helps this New York four piece provide video game soundtracks to our lives. Listening to this band gives you a feeling of pure joy, with or without taking some mind altering drugs. Live, there's nothing but a crowd of sweaty folks using their inner club kid to rock out and get a little freaky on the dance floor. The band has created songs that range from the upbeat and happy to the psychedelic and dreamy, all in an electronic haze of mid-80s Gameboy and NES that the boys use to make their tunes come alive. Anamanaguchi can do it all: just ask one of their many fans who helped the band make $50,000 in 11 hours to fund their Billboard Heatseekers' topping album, Endless Fantasy. That kickstarter was the second most successful music campaign to date, by the way. It might be weird to see four slightly punk rock lookin' dudes (complete with two guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist) somehow getting video game music to come out of their guitars, but that's just the Anamanaguchi world we live in -- one where 8bit effects and live rock mesh seemlessly. When you are lucky enough to see these dudes live, expect the aforementioned sweaty dancing, some amazing lightshows, and a world of joy.

All the way from Japan and straight into your ears and eyes is Una. Una is a model turned singer, and a fave of the internet loving cool kids: she dresses sharp, she dances ballet, she's associated with Asobi System (who brought Kyary to the world), and has a street style that could even be classified as a little rough -- if that's possible for someone as cute and sweet as Una. Autotune, childlike glee, and some graceful movement are a few must haves for any Japanese pop import, and Una does not disappoint. Sparkles, high fashion, and soft lighting aid this little songstress bring her electro-pop tunes to the American audience. With her back up dancers to set the mood, you'll be able to dance your heart out.

DJ Grimecraft: Bringing you hood kawaii realness, Boston's DJ Grimecraft mixes his love of the game (or just gaming) with electronics to create danceable tunes with a nerdy side. The beats are steady, perfect to kick off a night of dancing to chiptunes or J-pop. Interesting found sounds from a slew of games, a Queen song, or some lost synth patch are woven together in a way that will please any gamer turned club kid. DJ Grimecraft strings together all the pleasing elements of everything you could possibly love about modern and a not-so-modern culture, and makes songs that you won't be able to resist.