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The Supervillains
Wednesday, June 18
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
punk. ska. rock.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$15 day of show.
Performing live:

The Supervillains
Dewey and the Peoples
The Supervillains aren't villains at all -- they're heroes of rock, bringing melodic punky reggae to the masses with joy. Songs overflow with innuendo and musings on drugs, love, and life, set to the delightful rhythms that are sure to get even the toughest audience member dancing. Horns, jangly guitar, powerful drums, and an amazing vocalist come together to form The Supervillains' upbeat ska sound for fans of stoner bands like The Expendables or old school punks like Reel Big Fish. Both singers have the reggae/ska vocals down, and one of them plays drums and sings at the same time, while the other rocks the guitar and some mighty dreds. The musicianship is tight, both live and on record, and you can see during the stage show that these dudes know riff off one another. It might be easy to ignore the level of musicianship amidst songs about chronic, partying too hard, and pretty girls, but The Supervillains blistering punk side won't let you. Typical of the genre, these guys have fun on stage, and bring along a great sense of humor -- just check out their spot on ska cover of George Michael's "Careless Whisper." The Supervillains are as fun as a smoke-filled, beer drenched dorm -- and they might leave a trail of destruction just as big because you will not be able to forget this Florida four-piece once you've heard them.

Dewey and The Peoples: If you want to get irie and have fun, Dewey and The Peoples brand of reggae fusion is your perfect soundtrack. Dewey met his future band in high school, jammed out a little, and then went into music full force while still a teen. Now Dewey is 21 and the band has played all over SF, the state, and beyond. Just try not to put your hands up and bounce as Dewey leads his band of reggae renegades on an all-out assault on your senses. Bolstered by sax and popping rhythms, Dewey's voice floats over the crowd, with a little help and some excellent backing vocals. The songs are uplifting, and you can't help but dance to the slouching reggae beats. You can feel the funk coursing through your body as Dewey and his band of merry reggae masters create their classic rock tinged songs live on stage. During the live show, on stage looks like a party, with numerous musicians running around producing a sound that evokes the spirit of Sublime. Dewey and The People's Soulful bouncing tunes are enough to make anyone want to get a little high and enjoy the music as it fills the room.

Maturity is overrated, and if any band can prove that to be true it is the Easy Bay ska punk outfit Skandalism. The band cut its teeth attending punk shows at the Gilman, and pays homage to old school ska and punk bands like Operation Ivy, Green Day, and NOFX. With references like that, you know their live show is going to be insane and fun. Short, energetic songs with lazy beats and ska tones are perfect with Skandalism's whining vocals, backing vocals, and yelps/shouts. Each track evokes classic ska feelings, whether it's an upbeat punk infused tune or a melodic, brooding song or a well-crafted mix of both. Track titles like "Cheek Swab" and "Fish Stick" belie the real thoughfulness and ska ethos that is Skandalism. Combining ska, punk, reggae, and rock, the boys in Skandalism are here to life your spirits and make you mosh.