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Wednesday, June 4
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 9pm.
industrial. metal.
all ages.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show.
Performing live:


With DJs:

It's not every night that you are privileged enough to witness the world's sexiest rock band. Coming from the land of Marilyn Manson (and the era, too!), Genitorturers has a certain joie d vivre that you can only get when you let go of your grasp on normality and embrace the underbelly of rock and roll. The word scintillating comes to mind. Black leather, goth make up, and a little skin is easier to pull off than crafting well-written industrial-tinged rock songs, but Genitorturers does it. Pounding drums, soaring guitars, groovy bass, strong theatricality, and a pervasive sexiness makes Genitorturers' live set something that you cannot rip your eyes from. The Genitorturers are master provocateurs as well as musicians! All of the band members are masked, with the exception of the stunning female singer. Gen growls and screams with cat like grace while looking sexy in bondage gear, fishnets, or whatever she decides to wear -- she's a true rock and roll frontman (her "Ace of Spades" gives Lemmy a run for his money). Gen makes every song feel like a one-on-one, she's not afraid to get up in the collective grill of the audience; but would you expect a woman who has been doing this for two decades to be afraid of anything on stage? There's always a chance for audience participation at a Genitorturers show, either with a sing-along/call and response number or as a volunteer for some light, on-stage bondage. It's definitely the right show to take your love-slave to.