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David Campos Happy Hour
Saturday, May 31
3pm - 8pm.
indie rock.
all ages.
Performing live:

Future Twin
El Terrible

With DJ:

Jamie Jams (Debaser)
San Francisco art is always changing, from trends in the music scene to the murals that adorn much of the landscape. Future Twin is like those works of art -- ever changing, beautiful, and thought provoking. This isn't your average art rock indie band, this is a band shaping themselves into what they want to be (hence the name Future Twin). Led by Jean Jeanie, who sings dreamily in a low but commanding voice as she lays down some powerful guitar, Future Twin has been a well-recognized name in Bay Area indie for a few years now. It all started as a project between girl moped gang the Lockits and well-known SF jack of all trades Antonio Roman-Alcalá. The band now consists of Two Gallants' Tyson Vogel and bassist Dan Kennedy, to hold down the complex rhythms and create waves of sonic rising and falling. The trio recently released a cassingle called "Chillality" -- and the name says it all: gentle grooves coax you into a calm before Jean growls and snatches it away in favor of complex tunes and found sounds. Future Twin is psychedelic and disarming -- you'll definitely feel the groove during the live set.

Don't take the name to heart, El Terrible is creating 100% not terrible tunes in the vein of post punk, rock and roll. El Terrible is local SF musician Terry Ashkinos, of Fake Your Own Death, following his bliss in the darkest way possible. Deep male vocals tread over a sparse bed of artistically created rhythms and beats like a cross between the Jesus and Mary Chain and Echo and The Bunnymen. Lead singer Terry, part your best friend from college, and part deranged artist, composed his maniacally dark tunes while living in Berlin for half a year. Upon repatriation, he recruited some friends to produce and record his songs, and help him act out these musical fantasies live. When El Terrible hits the stage, be prepared for an even more expansive sound than your headphones have suggested. Two amps, one guitar, and a whole lot of dark post rock create a force of nature that even the most jaded indie snob will have to recognize.