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Break of Reality
Tuesday, May 6
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
cello rock classical.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing Live:

Break of Reality
Kristine Barrett
Break of Reality: It's not every day you see cello on a rock and roll stage. Cello was one huge in Cursive's repertoire, and of course you get the occasional rock/classical collab when an indie band is feeling extra cinematic, but with Break of Reality, cello is the vehicle for a rock experience like none other. If you don't believe, just ask one of the 3 million youtube viewers of the band's Game of Thrones cello rock cover. These four classical musicians have come over to the dark side, and both at home listeners and live audiences couldn't be happier. This band is a great way to get your kid to join orchestra -- they just make it look so cool! Delivering the goods with all the energy of metal band (heads will be banging, hair will be flying), the three cellists and their drummer, who definitely keeps up his end of the bargain, amaze crowds with smart originals and brilliant covers. It's definitely a thing in metal to cover popular classical pieces, but have you ever seen cellists cover a Slayer song with pefect precision and technicality? Like I mentioned, it's kind of a rarity -- especially when you have a group of this quality and talent -- there will be plucking, finger tapping, and that metal show excitement. Expect some hardcore drumming, rock and roll cello playing, and to hear some of your favorite songs covered in a way you've never dreamed of.

Kristine Barrett offers a cerebral storytelling experience, layering her voice, her words, and her sounds to create a thought provoking song -- but just a song, you see. Every work is a story, coming from deep within the artistic Barrett. Inspired by a range of influences, from everyday life to Greek mythology to the world's vast pool of folk music, her melody laden tracks will entrance you. Often beginning with a solo vocal performance which then shifts into acrobatics, Barrett creates a world or space just to communicate with listeners. You can tell upon the very first listen that she is a well-practiced vocalist, and has studied not only the musical arts but mainstays of academia such as art history, visual arts, folklore, and mythology. On some especially effects heavy tracks, Barrett evokes pop artist Tune-Yards. Barrett's body of work is as different as her influences, and each piece sounds like it could be played wistfully in the background of a movie -- both intimately familiar and yet, completely new music. The artist has a long history in music and performing, so expect her to create an experience that speaks to each audience member.