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Trance To The Sun
Wednesday, April 30
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
gothic. rock.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing live:

Trance To The Sun
Mercury's Antennae

With DJ:

Melting Girl (Death Guild)
Trance To The Sun: An ethereal wave splashes into the room. Dark grooves gently rock you. You close your eyes to feel the vocals lilt from side to side in your brain. Fuzzy guitars paint psychedelic swirls in your head. This is Trance To The Sun, finally back on stage. They're here, after a long, long time away, to bring you somewhere dark and dreamy -- to put you in a trance with their ambient post-goth rock. Led by the well named, highly skilled multi-instrumentalist Ashkelon Sain and singer Ingrid, who brings her opulent voice to dreamscapes that aren't even on this plane, the band produces dark ambiance reminiscent of goth leaning 80s favorites. Now, with the return of Ingrid's songwriting, some new members, and Kickstarter on their side, the band has jumped into the modern era with a crowd funded album. Older, even wiser, and well-spoken, members from Trance To The Sun took to the internet (already a place favored by niche genre enthusiasts) to campaign for recording funds -- and pulled it off easily. Trance To The Sun has always produced records that are conscious, intelligent, acclaimed by critics, and filled with the psychedelic depth that undeniably corresponds with many Portland shoegazers. The dreamy records come across in an amazing live act, with the new line up of Ashkelon, Ingrid, and her fiancé on bass. After a more than ten year break with only sporadic one-off shows -- this will be an exciting moment for any darkwave fan. Open your mind, let Trance To The Sun work its magic.

A heavenly voice backed by moving electronics forms the compelling electro-pop outfit, Bloodwire. Self-characterized as "passionate electronica," you can hear the feeling in every one of I-Li Chang's lyrics. You can also hear multi-instrumentalist Shawn Brice's past in industrial music bubble to surface with the machine-like beats and rhythms of Bloodwire. The band is an intricate mix of soul and structure, blending perfectly to make danceable tunes and slow jams full of emotion. It's a very organic sound for a band that is rooted in electronics. The band's origin story is also one of organic formation: Shawn wrote I-Li an instrumental for her birthday, and she decided to write lyrics and put her voice to use making instant chemistry. Bloodwire is an exciting live act as the duo adds a human to play drums, filling out the soul even more. Shawn's synth playing is indeed passionate, he bends almost completely over as he pounds out music to accompany I-Li's anything but shy vocal performance. It's a digi-goth's solemn little day dream, ebbing and flowing between groovy goth and glitch pop.

Mercury's Antennae: Female-fronted dark electronic is today's avant garde opera -- as the dreamy, neoclassical Mercury's Antennae well proves. The ambient, goth-tinged duo is one of seminal darkwave label Projekt Record's newest act. Sultry, lush vocals flow freely, filling the room and floating on a bed of soft electronic noise. Cerebral, other-worldly, and ambient, the band evokes a classical feel -- not only of melancholy electro rockers of old, but also of vocalist virtuosos. Singer Dru is, and this should come as no surprise, has studied and performed a huge array of music (from classical to world to folk) for the past two decades -- and she fronted goth rockers This Ascension throughout the 90s. She lends her voice to the multi-talented Erick R. Scheid, who plays guitar live and is responsible for the complex, moody layers of Mercury's Antennae's electro-tribal-world music inspired sounds. Murcury's Antennae creates a fitting soundtrack to a dusky night sky that is approaching a full lunar eclipse. When they perform, Scheid and Dru rely on their guitar-voice relationship to create an ethereal atmosphere, along with Scheid's vividly programmed soundscapes.