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DNA Lounge & FTB present
Tuesday, April 22
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
metal. hard rock.
all ages.
$18 advance;
$22 day of show.
Performing live:

Midnight Chaser
Wild Eyes
Anvil plays heavy metal that James Hetfield would love -- rooted in the 1970s (where, indeed, this band was formed) with classic elements: hard n heavy riffs, soaring vocals paired with tidy growls, amazingly precise drums, savage shredding solos, and a seemingly-boundless energy to perform for a crowd. They were fun and talented young band that somehow got lost in the whirl of time, despite their best efforts (they never quit playing -- and all that work shows). A band like Anvil is a must see for any music lover, whether or not you're into heavy metal. From the depths of the unknown to all but niche fans such as the boys in Anthrax and Metallica, Anvil finally has risen in profile due to a popular documentary which showcased the band's years of struggle in a sweetly funny and profound way. Now these heavy metal Gods are ready to rock the audiences they've longed for. Aging well (more like a vintage beer than a fancy wine), these metal heads still harness the youth of badass rock n' roll, complete with long hair whipping around and flying v guitars. The threesome make quite a big sound, and have recently taken a turn for the hopeful -- so expect a lot of smiles on stage and in the crowd. This is a band you should see, if only for the fact that a redemption story is damn good for the soul.

Midnight Chaser is a 70s metal band for a new generation of metal listeners -- their logo is pure nostalgia, in the best way (the kind of nostalgia that makes you happy and ready to headbang, not the kind that makes you long for days gone by). Coming at you with a bold, in your face worship of heavy rock, these dudes know how to have fun, make music, and get an audience excited. Though the band formed well within the 21st century, they give you all the elements of late 70's heavy metal and beyond: classic guitar runs, awesome vocals a la British heavy metal, fast and loud and a little bit sexy - in a cruising around the city in a 1988 Pontiac Firebird kind of way. Even the screams are lovely and listenable. Get ready for a high octane classic metal blast from this SF band.

Grab a doobie, put on your worn out denim jacket, wear your hair long and proud, and get ready to rock like it is 1971 with Owl. This is the music that those little rock and roll kids in Detroit Rock City would be making, if they ever had the chance. These long haired beauties scream nostalgia and brotherly love, with excellent bass grooves, pounding drums, the right amount of fuzz, and face melting solos. Think Alice Cooper vocals meet a little Black Sabbath darkness mixed in some glammy Redd Kross with a pinch of dirty garage rock. It's classic heavy metal that some have deemed fancy metal -- and it is pretty fancy, with good lookin' kids rocking like their forefathers. Everything you want, and those who came before you wanted, is alive and well with Owl -- a foursome who is protecting all that is good, fancy, and free in modern metal. But don't call it a throw back. Owl patches and denim jackets aside, this band is still going to impress modern music lovers, because of the unique mix of rock and roll, garage, and metal they shell out with every performance. You can tell that these musicians love what they do. Live, expect the Baechle brothers and their babe bassist to deliver the hot and heavy energy that will fuel your fantasies for at least the next few weeks.

Wild Eyes is an American band -- and yes, they are coming to (or already living in) your town, they'll help you party down. With a live show that befits their name, Wild Eyes is going to break open your night to all the fun possibilities that can happen at a rock and roll show. There are the hot single metal heads that you already know like good music. There's some alcohol to help get the party started. And there's Wild Eyes, to help you head bang like a freakin' God. With their Lemmy-inspired facial hair, electric riffs, and a badass female lead, your night is pretty much set. Singer Janiece has a sweet and sultry low voice a la Detroit Cobras, which means the melodies are a treat for your soon to be ringing ears. Enjoy the loud yet sexy tunes from Wild Eyes -- the band hits all the right notes, with songs about SF, meeting a potential love interest while drunk, even a superb groupie anthem/cautionary tale. Let the retro, heavy blues inspired rock wash over you, and remember, this is the band that the mayor of Berkeley tried to stop via rude unplugging last fall -- he failed, however! The punks will always win.