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The Institution
Friday, March 28
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing live:

The Institution
Deep Dimension
Blood Party
The Institution is an all original hard rock power trio who's music sounds both dark, melodic, and progressive at times. Heartfelt lyrics with heavy guitars and cavernous riffs ride thundering drums to create a mix of sound that sticks to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain.

Deep Dimension mixes alternative rock and pop roots with a fresh electro sound that was influenced by a lot of all night raves and video game soundtracks from late night gaming sessions to create the alt electro rock/pop that has started catching people's attention.

Blood Party is an instrumental prog-rock band consisting of two members who play bass and drums. The band's sound combines a heavy, angry, peculiar array of bass tones, electronic synths, keys, and acoustic and electronic drums creating a cocktail of delicious sound. Blood Party is like nothing you have ever seen and a must see live!

"A pair of two-legged towering upright beasts, battling across Tokyo harbor. Animal bass creating tidal waves of noise to fight the dragon monster on drums. Then they fall into an underwater dream world.". -- Sylvia Massy

Formerly known as Mercury in Retroshades, Thosgrol, is an Oakland based progressive rock trio. With sounds ranging from epic anthems to dark, psychedelic forays, they draw influence from such bands as Russian Circles, The Mars Volta, NIN and Tool. Weaving complex harmonies, irresistible odd beats and a relentless thirst for the sublime, this aint your papa's rock n roll.