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Vital & Manik present
Trap & Bass
Friday, March 28
9pm - after hours.
trap. dubstep. hiphop.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Party Favor

Plus Resident DJs:

DJ Ultraviolet
Harris Pilton
Get down with the party sounds via your favorite LA treble-maker, Party Favor. This DJ slash Producer will get you moving with his twist on classic dance and house. Whether it's a remix or an original, expect Party Favor's strong beats, summertime flavor, and above all, his party nature to come across quite clear in the form of festival trap. What the hell is "Festival Trap?" Party Favor's sound of choice is a relatively new sub-genre of the many faceted category of electronic dance music with synths, strings,808 drum beats, and all the party music classics. Diplo, Flosstradamus, and other EDM heavyweights have all embraced it, so you probably should too. And believe me, it's great if you are ready to dance. Festival trap leader Party Favor has it all: he's young, he's cute, he's getting noticed by big names in EDM, and he's probably wearing a tank top while jumping up and down behind his rig and making an audience go wild. Mixing classic trap with his own iconic flavor, Party Favor's originals definitely stand out from the rest of the festival trap crowd (try not to move during "Dime" -- it's rough, dirty, and insanely catchy). His remixes are dope, too, so no matter what kind of EDM you're trying to get down with, Party Favor will deliver. Wear your brights, get a drink, hit da floor, and prepare for dance domination.

DJ Ultraviolet: Nothing better than a lady with beats, and DJ Ultraviolet is certainly that. She's an influential San Francisco electronic music hero, and one of our resident DJs -- who founded one of the best trap parties, Trap City SF. Want some heavy bass, dope beats, and beauty? You've got it, and we'll throw in hella 808 that you need for that burst of trap bass energy. Move out of the way bro-step bros! This girl does bass music right, inspiring fits of dancing along with your fist pumping. DJ Ultraviolet has been crafting her music for a long time, and it shows. Each beat is well placed and every track is nearly perfect. She's grabbed attention from hip hop fans, too, hosting rappers at Trap City right along with EDM artists. DJ Ultraviolet has single-handedly shifted the EDM scene into something cooler and hipper -- and her sets are fun and makes you feel like living on the edge without leaving the dance floor. She somehow finds the best new artists that fit in sonically with the rest of her trap bass set -- I guess people just come to you with tracks when you are one of the most respected DJs in SF. Her mixes are monsters, and you're about to get eaten (in the best way possible).

Napsty is a sound maker for the trap music lovers, and one hell of a DJ, too. He's another Trap City regular who, along with DJ Ultraviolet, helps give the party sound to SF's biggest trap events. Luckily he's also our resident Trap & Bass DJ for all you EDM babes who want to get crazy and dance on a regular basis. His tracks are sexy, well-produced, and crafted to make the crowd go wild. And luckily for you, originals and remixes are both Napsty's strong suit. Incorporating hip hop in the already hip hop influenced trap isn't some sort of new miracle, but it sure is going to make dancers really happy. Hit the floor with a drink in hand, and watch as Napsty curates a solid wall of trap for you from behind his laptop.