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Eyes Set To Kill
Tuesday, March 18
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8pm.
rock. metal.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing live:

Eyes Set To Kill
The Light Iris
Eyes Set To Kill is a metal band - this much you can probably ascertain from the name. But what you couldn't know just from that name is that this band is babely, hey -- you don't get a million facebook fans without looks! Don't let that distract you from the music, though. Hard riffs and powerful rhythms help highlight the amazing vocals of singer and lead guitarist Alexia, who, in typical metal fashion, both growls her lyrics and then lifts her voice to great heights. This is screamo, metal, post hardcore, and a pinch of pop all wrapped up in one dark-clad Arizona band. There's anger behind this sound, but also a catchy pop sensibility that successful metal bands usually hone in on (hello, Metallica). With Eyes Set To Kill's keen sense of melody, these are songs that will get trapped in your brain even after just one listen. This girl-fronted sister act (yes, bassist Anissa is Alexia's sister) are rare in and of themselves. But to find one in the predominantly male post-hardcore scene makes Eyes Set To Kill even more special. Live, you'll see the decade's worth of playing has warped the girls into metal machines -- energetic, frantic, and above all talented.

Cilver: Me Talk Pretty was one of New York's great chick-led rock bands (they even one an MTV Video for Best Breakout Band NYC award!). But now singer Uliana Preotu has formed another band, one with a metal edge to showcase her vocal ability against a background of distortion, wailing guitars, and forceful drumming. Welcome to the world, Cliver. There's no better anthem for a metal girl who's fed up with media in general than Cliver's "In My Head," a song that starts off as a mono rant about how we basically can't compete with magazine standards. When the metal kicks in, the song gains even more power as singer Uliana bemoans magazine, tv, and radio obsession -- but then something even cooler happens Guns N Roses' Bumblefoot waltzes in playing a double neck guitar in true metal hero fashion. While you probably won't get to see Bumblefoot (but you can always hope) with Cliver live, you will still get more metal than you bargained for. Equal parts Pantera and Heart, Cliver is ready to make you headbang til it hurts. Add in some extra elements such as a slight electronic influence and an obvious Led love, and you get a tremendous live act. There's definitely something a little bewitching about the band.

The Light Iris: It can be hard living in the Bay Area and trying to honor the metal veterans that have come before you (Jeff Hanneman,Matt Pike, Cliff Burton) -- and The Light Iris is taking metal to the next step in the progression: metalcore. It's loud, it's heavy, and it's ready to bust some ear drums in the best way possible. Tons of drum fills, both guttural and soaring vocals complemented by the obligatory screams, and precision musicianship make The Light Iris a band to reckon with. Live, this young and earnest metalcore band participates in a little synchronized hopping and delivers a one two punch of scream and sound, with some reasonably dark lyrics as befits a post hardcore band. Get ready for some epic headbanging that might bring on a bangover the next morning -- be warned!