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Tuesday, March 18
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
chiptunes. video game music.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$15 day of show.
Performing live:

Danimal Cannon
Space Town Savior
If there's such thing as a heavy hitter in the bay area's lo-fi electro pop scene, it's Doseone. You may have heard of him through connections with Why?, Subtle, or the recently lauded cLOUDDED, but he sure as hell isn't stopping any time soon. His latest solo work involves a lot of electronics, a bunch of children singing (India's untouchable orphan children of The Light And Love Choir), and a falsetto. With his hugely varied and successful body of work, you might not know what to expect when seeing Doseone perform -- but a little birdie (8bitSF) tells me it's going to be an homage to the kill-by-any-means-necessary-even-a-gun-though-you're-a-samurai 2D pixel adventure Samurai Gunn. Expect greatness.

If video game music had a grand champion, it just might be Jake Kaufman aka VIRT, who seems surprisingly elusive for the industry -- if not having a facebook page counts as elusive. Everything you expect in a good game soundtrack he brings to his work, the highs and lows that comes with playing to win. He's a video game music composer who started in the biz with a score in Q*Bert and has made creative tunes for Contra 4, Double Dragon Neon, and Duck Tales: Remastered.

Video games and crashfaster go together like skittles and mountain dew and staying up far too late. This bay area pumps out music that is so woven with chiptunes that they could be the backing band in an 8 bit dream. The live act consists of excellently programmed beats, superb drums, highly autotuned male vocals contrasting with rich, full female vocals. crashfaster is an amazingly energetic live act that will get even the most self-conscious gamer onto the dance floor.

Visual artist and musician Minusbaby is a man with many loves and a long history in the world of chiptunes, lo-fi electronic 8-bit inspired musicianship. During his non-rock star hours he goes by the given name of Richard Alexander Caraballo, but once minusbaby hits the stage with his laptop and gear make sure you are ready to get lost in his soundscapes punctuated by surprises and eloquently composed rhythms. His performance will be accompanied by visuals from DOM2D.

Derris-Kharlan is a chiptune God. His tracks are paintstakingly woven together in a way that updates your old Mario sound effects and makes them into true dance tracks. Stitching together inspiration from sources as varied as disco, old westerns to Metroid, Derris-Kharlan immerses the listener into his own creative world. Live, listeners will get the laptop as well as electric guitar. Hopefully someone dresses up as Mario and hops on stage to really get the party started.

Danimal Cannon is a composer of tight, 8-bit gems that are fast and always have a surprise in store. Live, you probably won't know what to do with yourself because one moment you are relatively chillin' out on a nice, steady beat and the next you're trying to move to a spastic jackpot of sounds. His latest album "Parallel Processing" was the inspiration for the iOS game Wave Wave. The man is not only a great chiptune composer, but also a guitarist, and a rapper. He's brought the show on the road for the better part of February and March, so expect a tight delivery of some sweet, electronic tunes to spaz out to.

Aliceffekt: If you need some cerebral sounds to balance out all the upbeat chiptunes, this is the artist you'll fall in love with. Tracks have titles like "The Nephtaline Path" and "The Neomine Gate" if you catch my drift. The Japan-based Aliceffekt is the creative outlet for developer Devine Lu Linvega, who dabbles in just about everything from music to photography when he's not coding. The music of Aliceffekt sounds like what I imagine exploring the deep ocean might -- if that had a soothing soundtrack -- it is music to chill you out after a long stressful day in front of a screen. Aliceffekt is intelligent, ambient, and touching, with industrial influences just below the surface.

Space Town Savior: Smart, ambient, chipmusic comes from all parts of the world -- even San Diego. Despite what Space Town Savior aka Patrick Trinh might say on facebook, this is music you can dance to (or just sway when the pace is leisurely), with all the ups and downs of a compelling score. At times dark, Space Town Savior combines elements of old school rave in a new chiptunes kind of way -- like a rave in space played on a bunch of Gameboys -- but it's more than just that. It's all about playing with the rhythms for Space Town Savior.