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The Road Lords presents
Scarlett Fever
Sunday, March 9
1pm - 9pm.
psychobilly. rockabilly. punk. rock.
all ages.
A Benefit for Scarlett's special needs and Rett Syndrome awareness

Performing live:

The Chop Tops
MOFO Party Band
The Memphis Murder Men
Lords of S.F.
Stigma 13

Hosted by:

Asia Devinyl
Rich Aguilar
The Chop Tops: Get ready for a high energy rock and roll show from a rockabilly trio that has been kicking around for the better part of the last two decades. The trio has been combining the best elements of the rock and roll genres -- punk, surf, and above all rockabilly -- long before the garage rock resurgence brought these styles to forefront of live music.

When you want to hear some revved up rockabilly, The Chop Tops don't disappoint. Live, the threesome channel the energy of a high school punk band but with the skill of grown men who know their way around a pentatonic scale and jump stand bass. Less Brian Setzer and more Hank III, these rebellious dudes are sure to get the dance floor moving faster than a sock hop on acid. With these boys playing half the year on the road, you can be sure they have their rock and roll fine-tuned to an art. Punk rockers, retro music enthusiast, psychobilly soldiers, and everyone in between are going to lose their minds for the Chop Tops. Obviously, a band that is sponsored by a pomade brand is going to have to dress the part, so expect some vintage dresses and a ton of pompadours at this show.

MoFo Party Band: With a name like MoFo Party Band, you better be ready to go all out. These four guys are rockin' the blues like men from a long gone generation, with a work ethic that you often find in the cities of central California. Playing up and down the West Coast and all around the country since 1989, this foursome knows exactly how to make a crowd get wild.

MoFo Party Band probably sprang forth during a brotherly hangout (the Clifton Brothers, to be exact) and never looked back. Before they knew it the band was playing internationally and gaining fans all around the world -- not bad for some dudes who play the blues from Fresno.

The MoFo Party Band plays high energy blues, complete with a goddamn harmonica! These days, a real blues band is hard to come by -- but once a harmonica makes an appearance you know these dudes are legit. And they dress the part. You can't say these guys are too busy partying to pay attention to details. When they hit the stage, prepare yourself for a blues blast -- rock and roll riffs with an exciting spirit, and yes, songs about girls and cars.

The Memphis Murder Men: Don't be scared off by the name, The Memphis Murder Men aren't here to kill you -- they are here to rock your face off. That's a good thing, trust me. Though they may look more like members of Suicidal Tendencies, these guys really want to play like Chuck Berry and the rest of the greats.

The Memphis Murder Men play a crushing mixture of blues, rockabilly, and punk that is exciting even to jaded ol' music fans. And it's not surprising, the band hails from Pittsburgh, PA via Oakland, CA -- which were two pretty gritty towns at one point. Picture the lovechild of GG Allin and Bo Diddley with a little Jerry Lee mixed in. Even then, you won't completely get the sound of the Memphis Murder Men until you brave the live show. With four players and one singer who likes to hold the mic and dance like punk rock elvis, the stage can get a little crowded -- but in the best way possible. The Memphis Murder Men are fast, loud, punk, and ready to play you some real rock and roll, old school style.

Stigma 13: Want to see some dudes play irritatingly good Stooges riffs while looking like scuzzy rockabilly freaks? Look no further than Stigma 13. Sure, they've been around for more than a decade and you might have seen stickers here and there throughout the bay -- but treat yourself to a delicious live show won't you please! These Antioch rockers play garage influenced rock and roll with a total punk attitude, doing their best to channel MC5 or the Misfits and other early pioneer punks. With solid guitars, snarling vocals, and at least a few songs about no good girls, you know this band is going to be loud, fast, and have a really good time on stage.