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Euphoric Styles presents
Sound Remedy
Thursday, March 6
8pm - after hours.
trap. house.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$15 day of show.
Main Room:

Sound Remedy
Clark Kent
Sam F
When both your parents are Juliard grads, it's probably not going to take much to turn you towards music as a career path. This is especially true for Sound Remedy, a Los Angeles electronic music producer who is gaining momentum with every show. One man and his rig -- that's all it takes to create music with highs and lows that will captivate every audience member, even ones who might try to hold out. For an EDM artist, Sound Remedy uses a lot of classical leaning orchestral elements along with the usual synths, beats, and chilled out computer noise.

Dancing is a must for a Sound Remedy show. For a lot of people, electronic dance music is their remedy: they forget everyday troubles as soon as that first beat drops and the movement begins. This is the idea of Sound Remedy that the DJ/Producer is trying to bring to the masses. His masterful manipulation of BPMs will have you moving, but it's his passion for music that is making the difference. You can hear it in Sound Remedy: that joyful, live life for today, carpe diem kind of attitude, and above all, that abundant love for the medium (many of Sound Remedy's remixes are free -- it takes a true music lover to give it away instead of selling it). A Sound Remedy show might be just the thing you need to kick start your inspiration and follow your dreams.

Clark Kent: The name Clark Kent has a lot of power, and it must be wielded wisely. From Superman to the early hip hop pioneer (and friend of B.I.G), Clark Kent has provided a cloak for little known men doing great things. For Santa Barbara's Clark Kent, a bass wobble enthusiast and EDM musician, I'm sure the moniker will lead out of anonymity and onto the big stages. With his distinct dubstep influence and his music background in guitar and piano, he produces some of the most unique EDM available. Melodic, moody, and intricate, his original sounds might even top the epic remixes that this artist is becoming known for (um, Smokey Robinson remix -- genius move, young man).

Perhaps it is Clark Kent's attention to production detail that makes his tracks so compelling, or maybe it's just because we could use a break from the average EDM song in order to think for a minute -- and his tracks are cerebral enough to get the brain juices flowing (even without help from illicit substances, though they certainly wouldn't hurt). Believe me, Mr. Kent, I did not miss the Carl Sagan sampling -- and I loved it, as will any live audience. Whether you are looking for some deep, universal truth, or just want to sway and take in the chill electronic sounds, Clark Kent is the man for you.

Sam F: Ok, so a guy who uses his first name and last initial as a DJ moniker might not be the sharpest branding expert -- or perhaps he's a little known genius with a penchant for simplicity that comes out with every track. His original work sounds a little like dub step video game sound tracks with a slight reggae influence (of course, if you've spent any time at all in Santa Cruz as our DJ Sam has, you can't escape any of those influences).

Plenty of echo, rhyming words, effete piano, effects, and hella beat-y sounds lend shape to his tracks and will make for a ton of fun when it comes to dancing with your pals at a live show. His strong sense of fun and humor cannot be denied, especially when he has a standout original track called "Kim Jong Trill" that features a truly artistic rendering of DJ Sam F with the fearless former North Korean leader -- the song is actually compelling as a dance track, with upbeat sounds and hilarious lyrics. He's a funny guy, and that definitely will translate to the live show where the audience is amped to hear both his tight remixes and original material that leans slightly close to comedy (with titles like Bath Salts, and Lazers Are Chill).