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The Moth & The Flame
Friday, February 28
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing Live:

The Moth & The Flame
Ghost Town Jenny
Frozen Folk
A new, serious indie rock is seeing a resurgence these days -- Imagine Dragons, Broken Bells, and a slew of introspective bands with a sense of rhythm are taking up where the heyday of Death Cab For Cutie left off. Enter our heroes: LA three piece (keys, drums, guitar) The Moth & The Flame and new release "&." With a name like The Moth & The Flame you know you're going to get at least a little of that sad longing that is so moving on our best and worst days alike. Luckily for us, that longing is mixed in with expansive almost orchestral vocals, heavy percussion, and a little something to sway to. Live, the music can be dark but it can also be frenetic and fun.

This good looking group hails from Provo, Utah, but like many sane people, decided to flee south to the palm tree lined sunsets of Los Angeles. It sounds like LA has done them good -- they've added more detail to the music, along with new drummer, a faster pace, and bigger sounds. It takes guts to name your EP after a symbol. This is the type of band that will look you in the eye from on stage, and sing directly into your psyche -- perhaps trying to lure you in like the aforementioned moth to the flame. And I'm betting it will work.

If you love good music with strings, an ambient twist, and an amazing female lead, Ghost Town Jenny is a three piece after your heart. Simple folk songs, these is not. But rather folk influenced pop offerings replete with strings, magical harmonies, a strong backbone of piano and guitar, and a full, sweet voice that conveys the emotion behind the words. Ghost Town Jenny sings to the both the sadness and the potential for happiness that lives inside us -- with range and strength, but also with a lightness that is immediately touching.

Singer Kim Kylland and partners in crime Johan Svensson (synths) and Corey Christopher Mike (Violin) create a beautiful wave of sound, ready to gently wash over any audience. The three complement each other perfectly, making songs that are so much more than indie, folk, or pop. Ghost Town Jenny takes the best of all those genres, adds a pinch of darkness and introspection, and transforms music into something to keep an audience enrapt indefinitely. Imagine a modern, more voluminous Azure Ray with lyrics that are far too easy to relate to. Not to mention, it's kind of enthralling to see live violin in an indie group from the Bay Area.

Frozen Folk plays loud and fast, the kind of rock and roll for science fiction readers who want to let off a little -- or a lot -- steam. It's innovative, catchy, lighthearted fun, yet still somehow serious business. In a town full of rock n roll, this trio is rockin' in their own way, making unique music that treads carefully amongst the genres. The amount of punk energy that comes out of the garage these dudes probably inhabit is: HELLA. Large guitar riffs, reverb, frantic drums and of course a voice that takes it back to the early 2000s make Frozen Folk a grungy but delicious threesome that is poised to takeover despite the fact that this type of rock isn't exactly huge in the bay. It might be made in the garage (or a grimy practice space, who knows), but don't expect the sweet bubblegum nostalgia that your typical SF rock exhibits. And, upon seeing Frozen Folk do their thang, don't be surprised if you can't help but headbang, even in your own unique way.