Thursday, November 21
doors @ 9pm;
show @ 9:30pm.
retrowave. electro.
all ages.
Performing Live:


With DJs:

Mr. Smith
Anoraak, aka Frédéric Rivière is a French DJ/producer who helped launch the Valerie collective/blog. Nightdrive With You (his first EP - 2008) is where the real journey began. And after many months of touring on his own the need to be surrounded and immersed returned, along with the desire to unlock stored away instruments, to exchange glances on stage and to defend his music as his past experiences had taught him to. It was at this moment that he delivered his debut album entitled Wherever The Sun Sets, a place where drums, piano and guitars are mixed with the synthetic signature sounds that defined Anoraak.

"It's a back-to-the-'80s vibe that has no boundaries," Rivière explains. "if something's cheesy, it's cheesy. I have no problem with that, so long as it moves you."

Today, Anoraak paints in black and white, creating a unique sonic blend which lies between disco-house, new wave and electro-pop. On the second album, clear, bright lines take on their own original form. The result of inspiring influences, past experiments between electronic and instrumental sounds and the need for solitude as well as the contrasting need to be surrounded, expect to experience a variety of strong emotions and the beats and rhythms that they bring about. "Affecting the rate of rhythmic movements, such as the heartbeat."