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American J-Rock ConneXions presents
Gothique Prince Ken & SiSeN
Monday, October 7
doors @ 6:30pm;
show 7pm.
gothic. industrial. j-pop.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Gothique Prince Ken

With DJ:

Meikee Magnetic -- it's his birthday!
DJ SiSeN is a Pop icon of the Japanese underground scene. He moved to Berlin in 2011 after serving as Resident DJ for "Tokyo Decadance", "Tokyo Dark Castle", and "Alamode Night" for many years.

SiSeN specializes in Industrial and Rhythmic Noise and has performed at events in more than 17 countries. Outside of DJing, he models for Takuya Angel and Kikirara Shoten, to name a few, attracting many international fans for his unique eccentric style. For his own dark electro unit, Seileen, he has released two albums.

Gothique Prince Ken aka GPK, is an Australian J-Goth artist who rose to fame as vocalist for GPKism where he produced 3 highly acclaimed albums as well as a series of intricate EPs and singles. Now performing as a solo artist and DJ, the more Industrial/EBM-Electro driven GPK combines new compositions together with chart remixes and well-known GPKism hits.