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MishMash & The Dopest Outsiders present
Thursday, August 8
doors @ 9pm;
show @ 10:30pm.
hiphop. top 40.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$15 < 10:30pm;
$20 after.
The Artists:

Dereka "Glamorous" Javar (Dance)
Wrawsome (Dance)
Leslie Panitchpakdi featuring Groove Against the Machine (Dance)
Jessica Gilmore featuring Atomic Allure (Dance)
Peach Handmade Accessories (Style & Fashion)
1UP Crew (Dance)
Nhan Ho Project (Dance)
Thr3ee (Music)
Michelle Martinez (Music)
Univsall Kai (Style & Fashion)
MishMash Boutique (Style & Fashion)
Showcasing both emerging & professional talent, DAMSF is a unique night of live performances and networking in a high-energy, club environment. Whether it's to mingle with other industry professionals, get inspired, or be seen, DAMSF has something to offer everyone! The interior walls are lined with artwork (which is also available for sale) and the booths are filled with live artists at work. Showcases alternate with the DJ throughout the night, allowing attendees to enjoy Top 40 and throwback hits in between performances. Make sure to take photos against the custom backdrops inside the venue and then check out the handmade artistic additions within the décor.

Not only does the showcase feature artists who are veterans in their respective crafts, but up-and-coming talent is also drizzled into the lineup as well, giving more opportunities for artists to create a career foundation. Past Performers include artists from shows such as "America's Best Dance Crew," "X-Factor," and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show. " Performers range from spoken word champions to dance choreographers, live musicians to clothing designers; anything and everything creative and entertaining is considered. The best part of the showcase is that it boasts a positive environment which encourages growth and unity amongst Bay Area residents and artists.

For the first time ever, DAMSF will be opening the doors from 9-10pm for an hour of networking. Aimed at connecting our community of artists with each other and with media, the mixer hour will also host a few pre-show performances and drink specials.