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Friday, June 7
10pm - after hours.
ebm. minimal.
$8 advance;
$5 < 11pm;
$8 after.
Performing Live:


With resident DJs:

Justin (Soft Moon)
Omar (Popscene)
Rachel Aiello
Kevin Sniecinski (LePerv)


Dreamweapon (Warm Leatherette)
Nonviolet are avant-garde sci-fi industrial electronica. This is art you can dance to. Nonviolet are Jessica White (formerly of minimal synth duo Violet Tremors) and Jim Robbins (formerly of artpunk band The Monitors). There is a space between here and there, a space where cold is comfortable and light has a sound. Nonviolet are playing there as you stare. Let the bulb flicker, it's supposed to do that. Dance.

Twitch is a night characterized by hard and sparse danceable beats, repetitive sequencer lines, rhythmically intense with minimalistic style, sparse arrangements, and abstract screams.