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Comeback Kid
Thursday, May 30
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8pm.
punk. hardcore.
all ages.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after.
Performing Live:

Comeback Kid
Alpha & Omega
Twitching Tongues
Let It Burn
Comeback Kid reunites to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their 2003 release, "Turn It Around". Since the album's release, Comeback Kid has been an undeniable staple of the hardcore community. Each subsequent release has built upon the foundation of its predecessor while continually experimenting with and incorporating new musical elements from beyond the confines of modern hardcore.

Originally formed in 2000 by members of Winnipeg, Canada's underground music scene, Comeback Kid has amassed a catalog of four full-length international releases along with a live CD/DVD. Says vocalist Andrew Neufeld about the band's origins: "We wanted to keep the intensity from our other bands or those we looked up to at the time, but also took influence from '90s skate punk and more melodic acts." He continues: "We wanted the music to be heavy, but the vocals were meant to incorporate a bit more melody than was found in traditional hardcore. Still, I don't think we knew how far we could go with it at the time."